Device Software Development

From headless embedded devices to consumer mobile devices, we can provide the software needed to create a great product. We are devoted to designing and developing device software that helps form complete and high quality products that are a pleasure to use.


We develop software for devices like these.

  • Media Terminals

    Advanced interactive consumer and industrial display terminals.

  • Specialized Cameras

    Still and video cameras with specialized functions and control.

  • Remote Monitors

    Devices for measurement and monitoring in the field.

  • Testing and Control Equipment

    Connected and intelligent testing and control devices.

  • Network Monitors

    Seamless real-time traffic analysis and logging devices.

  • iPhone and iPad

    iOS devices with an app acting as an interface to other devices and services.

Complete Software

Complete Development

From high level UI design to low level hardware support, we have expertise at every level of device software. We can use this to create software that is both designed for humans and tuned for the underlying hardware, helping you to create a complete, usable and reliable device product.

In order to create a great device it's important that every software component plays its part. Having knowledge of software at both lower and higher levels allows us to ensure that each component is a good fit and contributes towards a great end product.

Working Together

Overall Development

If you are looking for a small team but one which can handle the overall software development work, we think we will be the perfect match. We believe that handling the whole project helps lead to a successful end result as we can select, design and develop each component ensuring that it is congruent with the desired end product.

Something Specific

While we can handle every level of device software, we know that often something specific comes up where you need extra help to deal with. We also love working in together with other teams, so if you have a specific problem or area you need assistance with we would love to help. We want to do what we can to help you create the best product possible.

Our Services

From UI pixels to hardware bits.
We provide these specific services.


User interface design and implementation for devices.


Applications for mobile and embedded devices.


Integration of open source software environments.


Kernel and driver support for device hardware.


Device software optimization at all levels.

Iterative Process


We follow an iterative design and development process wherever possible, with particular emphasis on the following points.

  • Continuous focus of effort on the end result
  • Short and fast development and feedback cycles
  • Open and regular communication
  • Helping you make informed decisions

The process is always guided by the desire to keep it simple and to make sure it works for you.